FAQ Brewing Coffee

Enthusiast Brewers – Product Info

What is the clicking sound?          

The clicking sound comes from the carafe lid as the lid has an internal seal-valve that was designed to help with heat retention. When the steam rises, it lifts the seal-valve which may create a sound while the coffee drips through to the carafe. This seal-valve keeps the brewer within Golden Cup SCA heat standards and helps with maintaining the right temperature and flavor while keeping the coffee warm a bit longer than other brewers. 

However, if the lid is turned a bit to the side it may help with reducing the clicking sounds. You can view the video here. If you do not like the clicking sounds, you always have the option of brewing your coffee without the lid and place the lid on the carafe as soon as coffee brewing ends.

You can watch the full video for more tips on getting started.

What should I do if I see that the water tank is leaking?

First, visually inspect the valve located on the bottom of the water tank. Make sure the silicone stopper sits flatly against the floor of the tank to form a proper seal.

If leakage continues to appear, then press gently on the valve a few times to loosen it up to ensure a proper seal around the base of the water tank

If leakage still appears, then using your finger gently reach into the water tank and press down on the silicone stopper to ensure it is properly attached to the valve.

You can watch the full video on how to troubleshoot the water tank here.